Me & Myself

Most of my life I’ve been that “one” guy, whose name doesn’t matter – and no, this isn’t a cry for sympathy – I’ll admit it quite simply: I like that idea – not having to stress as much over social issues as you do over personal and educational issues, especially since I really dislike the whole “popularity tree” to begin with. That’s the preface – kinda loser, and now I’m not really because nobody cares anymore. I’m a nerd also, been around computer ever since I found one as my virtual ‘half’. However, I’ve only been in the administering, programming, networking & web designing “area” for more than 8 years, collectively. I know web programming pretty fluid, I can write from your basic “Hello World” and mastered the art of tweaking other developer’s PERL & PHP. I’m mainly an XHTML guy now, with CSS2 as my backing standard. I’m kinda a WYSIWYG guy, I do -all- of my coding & designing in Microsoft FrontPage or Expression, using Cut-N-Paste and other highly sophisticated tools to back it all up. Graphics: the obvious choice, Adobe Photoshop, and I suck at painting & drawing.

Music is pretty popular with me, I’m a fan of most things except pop-rock, pop, pop-punk (Emo is okay though) and some country is bearable. If a song has actual instruments involved, and singing that’s anything but “bad while trying to be good”, and a beat/rhythm/flow you can follow, then I’m likely to enjoy it.


Well that’d be the most intriguing part of my passion! I just love this. And that's why you are here!


What will all you people who think life starts at age 45 think? You’ll think you’re wrong, because you’re 30, no career, no direction, and no love. As I always said, “If you find love, should you be young, old, or somewhere in between, grab hold and never let go, for love will pass you even more quickly than it came in front of you.” If you love someone, there is no “right age” to love them “for-sure”. Another word to those of you who cheat on your significant other: not only are you breaking someone’s trust, but you’re breaking their heart, their spirit, their hope, their faith in love and humanity, and you’re doing this all to someone who holds you higher in their heart than anyone else. Adultery is the worst thing, -the- worst thing that one person could ever do to someone that loves someone else. It only takes 6 words, and then you’re free to do all that stupid stuff: “I am breaking up with you”. If you’d cheat on someone, then obviously you don’t care about them, and you’re doing them a favor by leaving them.

Sorry to turn this “autobiography” into a lecture, but this is me – this is how I feel, and what I think. There isn’t a better way to get to know someone than to get to know what they think and how they feel about things.

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